"Jao tau prem khelan ka chao, sir dhar tali gale meri aao"

If you desire to play this game of love, then come on to my path with your head in your hands.


How to walk on Guru Gobind Singh Ji's path?

"Pehla maran kabool, Jeewan ki chhad aas; Hohu sabhna ki reinka, To aao hamarey paas"

First accept death as inevitable, leave the hope of life apart; turn yourself to the dust of everyone, then come to us.


Project Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Life Calendar

A first ever collaborative exercise to find the complete life events in the life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
If you know about any happening in the life of Sri Guru Gobing Singh Ji, please make the world aware by adding it in the
Life Calender.

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• || How Guru Gobind Singh came to this world…||


"Na kahun abh kee,
 na kahun tab kee,
agar na hote Guru Gobind Singh,
to sunnat hoti sab kee."

- Baba Bulle Shah

I talk about neither yesterday nor tomorrow;
I talk about today.
Had Gobind Singh not been there,
They would all be under Islamic sway.

- Baba Bulle Shah


Scientific Series

 1) Why do we fold our hands during prayer?
 2) Why do you worry?