"Why do we fold our hands in prayer?"


We all do some kind of prayer every day. We close our eyes, fold our hands together and pray before the god. But have you realized why do we fold our hands during prayer. Maybe, because our parents have told us so, because the whole world do this way. Well, Every thing we do as the rituals, that we don't question, that we learnt from somebody, if it is true, if it is valid has a science behind it.

Our body has a polarity. There is a left side, and a right side. When we take the positive (right hand) and the negative (left hand) the electromagnetic field polarity of the body, put them together, then the positive and the negative becomes neutral. So it creates a neutral space in the magnetic field. In the center of the chest, there is a vagus nerve. The vagus nerve goes up  from the front (the chest) in spite of the back (unlike spinal cord). It is the only nerve that starts in the brainstem (lower part of the brain) and extends down below the head, to the abdomen. In the head, the vagus nerves goes up to the pituitary gland ( which is also called Ajana or Trinetra in Hindu mythology). In the center of the chest there is a notch right in the breast bone. You can feel by touching onto it. Just try!.  This notch is called the reflex point of the vagus nerve.

So when we neutralize the polarity (by joining our hands), take the thumbs to the reflex point on the chest, it creates the reflex action of the vagus nerve. This reflex action immediately causes the pituitary gland to secrete. When the pituitary gland secretes, it creates a resonance in the brain. Then the brain automatically moves out of the normal rhythm into the alfa-rhythm, which is called the state of meditation. It immediately gives you focus, centers you, brings it to one points and focuses your mind for the meditation.

So then, when you pray, you pray from your heart. Because the only prayer that works, is the prayer form the heart.  So, there is a whole technology behind it and we don't even think about it.

Watch a very informative video from Guruka Singh Ji Khalsa, explaining the science behind folding our hands during prayer.