"Why do you worry?"


Do you Worry?....... Why?.... why do you worry?  Think about it!

Worrying doesn't do anything, worrying doesn't help anything, worrying doesn't solve anything. Then what does the worrying do?

Worrying makes you anxious, worrying makes you focus on one might happen instead of what is happening right now. There are only two ways to live - either you hustle/hassle and worry, or you can understand each day, that the one who rotates this earth, can take care of all your affairs. And that every thing you need, will be given to you at the moment that you needed. There is never any lack of anything. So when you relax and let go, and you break your habit to worry, and you just be present in the moment with naam, with the presence of god in each person you meet, every thing you hear, every thing you see, you constantly feel the blessings of the almighty. Then you make yourself ready to receive. So I have a humble suggestion to you, which is to begin each day with a simple prayer, that "oh one who created me, you can rotate the earth, so manage my affairs and I will relax and serve you today". With that simple prayer you let your self not to worry. Because what a waste of energy it is, and you do not want to waste your precious energy, better use it for sewa.

 Watch a very informative video from Guruka Singh Ji Khalsa, explaining why not to worry.